Dawn Ferster Clinic

Dawn Ferster "Arena to Trail" Workshop

Dawn Ferster invites you to an ‘Arena to Trail’ Transitions and Equine Adventure Work Shop

This small group workshop is for those wanting a solid relationship with their horse. Individualized programs are available to work on specific needs for each horse and rider. 


Private Sessions, Semi-private and group sessions are available depending on your goals and needs.

We will work in small groups of 2-3 for 2 hours, then in the afternoon we will work again.

As you progress we will work in small groups of 4-6.

Sessions include:

  • ‘Arena to Trail’ transition with obstacles
  • Ground Work, teaching your horse their job “To Keep You Safe”
  • Leadership, does your horse trust you?
  • Confidence Building for both horse and rider
  • Learn exercises and games to play with, train and condition your horse all at the same time, including the Working Circle, Hip to Shoulder, Self-carriage.
  • Learn to use your seat, legs and hands as a guide.
  • Learn to use words and cues to help your horse do its job.
  • Work ethic
  • Learn the benefits of ponying, and how to pony safely. And so much more!

My goal is to give you some tools that you can use to have a better, safer, more confident relationship with your equine friend! We all have different issues and we will learn from each other in this workshop.

Clinic Cost: $140.00 per day plus gst. plus $10/day arena fee to Timber Ridge

2 hour session in the morning, lunch break, and 2 hours in the afternoon of instruction and learning. Goals are to work in larger groups of 4-6.

Extra private sessions offered at $50 plus gst

Set yourself and your horse up for a summer of success!

Limited spots are available per day. Sign up for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.

Pot Lucks and social gatherings.

Contact Dawn Ferster for further information.

Call or text Dawn @ 250 808 0738

Email dawnferster@gmail.com

Camping/accommodation and meals available at timberridgetrails@gmail.com or 250-309-3544

BCEA2T Association

BC Equine Arena 2 Trail Association

Working with obstacles to overcome obstacles...

Building confidence, patience, respect and trust in your equine partnership!

The BC Equine Arena 2 Trail Association (BCEA2TA) is a comprehensive forum where BC equine enthusiasts can achieve greater success in all aspects of the human/equine relationship.

Our platform will offer a wide range of training and competitive opportunities with the aim to help you and your equine achieve a deeper partnership. BCEA2TA is continually building upon various training techniques, in order to assist you with your equine journey.

As we are an affiliate member of Horse Council, all of our members are required to have a current HCBC membership. It is important to us to have camaraderie throughout the province.

Our goals are to have and support clinics and competitions, and encourage clubs to experience this association throughout the province.

As a member of BCEA2TA you are kept up-to-date on what is happening with our association as a whole. A single membership is $40, kids 17 and under (as of the current year) are free.

Affiliated memberships are offered as well at $100 for the year, so you can promote your clinics and shows and advertise through our website and Facebook page. As an affiliate you will have access to expert advice, documentation and everything needed for a successful event whether in an arena or out on the trail.

Affiliated members can be businesses or clubs that are equine related, offering you the opportunity to advertise and connect with all our other memberships, groups, ranches and organizations (that are associated with BCEA2TA).

Dawn Ferster, Founder of the BC Equine Arena 2 Trail Association is a Certified Judge through the International Mountain Trail Challenge Association and an Accredited Judge with Horse Council of British Columbia. Her thirty years of experience as a clinician, trainer and coach allows her to develop and enhance your equine experience. Working together, she will help you achieve your goals. The principals of confidence, patience, and respect (CPR) is the focus and keeping you safe in the arena and on the trail is our goal.

Check us out at www.bcearena2trail.com or on Facebook www.facebook.com/BCEA2T for clinics and competitions. For more information email: to bcearena2trail@gmail.com or call Dawn Ferster at 250-808-0738.