Welcome to a .......

Private, peaceful and secluded wedding venue and horse oriented campsite located 20 minutes east of Vernon, BC

 Why do people come to camp and ride at TRT .....

 … from feedback received, folks tell us it’s because of the beautiful scenery, the awesome well-marked trails, a peaceful place to come and spend quality time with your friends and horses, the immaculately clean camp, the central fire pit area which is a great gathering place for like-minded horsey people to sit around, shoot the breeze and share their stories, and finally, the awesome farm to fork home-cooked Dutch oven and open-fire grilled meals from locally sourced fresh farmgate produce.

Some have even referred to TRT as the Hilton of Horse Camping”. So.....what are you waiting for ~ come on out and check for yourself. 

Every so often it just makes sense to emerge from the trenches we dig for a living and saddle up and enjoy the ride!
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